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I will not be teaching Geometry this year; however, I left the Geometry links up so you can review your Geometry skills to help prepare you for the ACT.  In both Algebra 2 & PreCalc we will be doing some extensive ACT prep.  



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Syllabus, Supplies, Grading Policy

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Before School
7:00 -  7:15am    
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After School
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Tutoring Times:   
BEFORE School Tues - Thurs 7:00-7:20am

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Tuesdays - Wednesdays before school & at lunch (50min)
Mon - Thurs after school 2:45-3:35 (50min)


What's New

 Google Calendar:  
I will be using Google Calendar to update your Weekly Assignments.  I hope that this will enable you to be aware of changes of due dates, test dates, projects, etc. as soon as they occur.  Visit your class page to see your weekly agenda.  To view the full nine weeks go to the Calendar Page.

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 Downloadable Graphing Calculator  - Scroll down this page

Skills Practice

**Links appear green.**
Basic Math - You will need to be able to perform the following skills quickly, correctly and without a calculator.
Addition Facts                 Multiplication Facts                 Fractions                      
Decimals                          Place Value                            Rounding    
Integers -select +-x and divide, simple, negatives, focused      Perfect Squares to 25
Mean,Median,Mode       Order of Operations *more    Beginning Graphing
Solving Equations           Ratio and Proportions

Algebra Skills -Geometry students need to have mastered these skills
Multi-step Equations       Inequalities                               Linear Equations  *Graphing       
Linear Inequalities           Systems of Equations             Factoring
Radicals  *more               Pythagorean Theorem            Calculator Graphing -General Info

Algebra Worksheet Generator

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FREE download TI-84 Graphing Calculator

If you do not have a TI-84 calculator to use at home, you can download a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator emulator to your computer.  You can set it up to use the same operating system we use in class. 

For instructions on downloading the TI-84 Plus operating system, downloading the Wabbitemu, and setting up the emulator on your computer desktop, select file below.

Wabbit Instructions    *.doc    *.docx

Loading & Saving APPS -instructions on getting the same APPS we use in class.

Other Links

Mrs. Nelson's Little Black Book

Solving Equations/Factoring
BEST Equation Calculator - does just about everything and shows most steps
Equation Calculator
Equation Calculator (takes fractions)
Systems Calculator (POLYSMLT)
  (for sys of two enter zeros for third column & row)
Multiplying Polynomials (does several at once)
Factoring Calculator (type over default equation)
Factoring Calculator (by Grouping)
Factoring Solver -type in whole equation with = 0
reorders with x in back but gives correct answers.
That Quiz -General Alg/Geom Practice
Online Fraction Unit 
Scientific Calculator (nice trig functions)
Scientific Calculator(Fraction Button,must click ANS then convert).
Matrix Calculator  - (clear data, click on needed column, enter numbers.)
      -When entering expression to calculate you will need 
         CAPITAL letters for each matrix.
Exponential/Logarithmic Equation Calculator -shows step by step solutions

Grade Calculators
Calculate grade needed on EXAM 
Downloadable files for you to use
Grade Calculator -Spreadsheet   -Excel
Hypothetical Grade Calculator    -Excel 



Graphing Calculators
Multi function

Graphing Calculator (great but no x = #)
Mulitple Function Calculator (graphing & trig)
Graphing Calculator with restrictions
Graphing Calculator  (Piecewise, trig, etc.  Look for "Instructions" for data entry.)


Isolating Variables - Solving Proportions
Magic Proportion Highway 

Online Graph Paper - Scroll down for isometric
        Pre-made Isometric Graph Paper
        Portrait                     Landscape 
        8.5x11 .25 grids        11x8.5 .25 grids
        8.5x11 .125 grids      11x8.5 .125 grids
        legal size .25 grids      legal size .25 grids
        legal size .125 grids    legal size .125 grids
Print Trig Graph Paper

Online Video Lessons - Includes some Science topics
Algebra Worksheet Generator
Khan Academy -FREE video, interactive, quizzes
Hippocampus -FREE online lessons

Math TV - FREE online video lessons 

MLA & APA Formats - Free online File Sharing

3.14 = Pi Day Information 3.141592653 5897932384 6264338327
9502884197 1693993751  0582097494 4592307816 4062862089 9862803825 3421170679... 

ACT/SAT Testing

High ACT scores, AP courses and CLEP exams can earn you college credit!!
Click here to read document.

FREE online resources

         - - Interactive Lessons, practice tests
         - - 7 FULL practices tests, answers

         - - practice tests/answers
         - 10Tests - practice tests/answers. This is in *.pdf so you'll have to print out to use.
         - -practice tests/answers
         - HotMath Workbooks
         -Test Prep Review

Class Handouts
BOX Paper - for showing work and writing answers.
M2S-Practice Test #1 -Printout.  Use BOX paper to show work and write answers.

EOC Test Prep

FREE Online Interactive Practice Sites:
Jefferson Labs SOL - Algebra I, Geometry, Biology (has email results to teacher option)
Virginia (commonwealth) Department of Education - Algebra I, Geometry, Biology
ePat (Electronic Practice Assessment Tools) Sites –requires a one-time download then all ePat Tests will load.  Students can “exhibit” answers that come with explanations.
      Oklahoma’s ePat Site –Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, English I, English II, American History
      Virginia’s ePat Site  Algebra I, Geometry, Biology
      Florida’s ePat Site  -Algebra I, Geometry, American History
Other Subjects
     American History  -25 random questions from 1000 question bank
      English II -25 random questions from 114 question bank (California)
      English III -25 random questions from 114 question bank (California)


EOC Summer Remediation Links  Algebra I Online Workbook  with solutions and answers.

LA EAGLE website

Virginia (commonwealth) Department of Education - Algebra I, Geometry, Biology

Jefferson Labs SOL - Algebra I, Geometry, Biology (has email results to teacher option)